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Masterlist of Threesomes Part 2 HP/SS/RL and HP/SS/DM

This is part two of my Masterlist of Threesomes. Part one, which was HP/SB/RL can be found here

This list contains every link I managed to find for fics with the pairing: Harry/Severus/Remus, or Harry/Severus/Draco

The fics listed here are not my personal recs, but an attempt to provide links to all the fiction written for this pairings.

If you know of any stories I've missed, please comment and provide me with links to them.


A Fool Too Late by atrata -NC-17-
Summary: Harry tries to rescue Professor Lupin, but it doesn't go quite the way he'd planned. !CHAN!, dubious consent, large object penetration, double penetration

Dreams of Maybe by Bleudiablo -NC-17-
Summary: When Remus goes down to the potions lab to find a needed potion, he instead finds his two best friends in a romantic clinch. Double Penetration

The Pheonixes by Bleudiablo -NC-17-
Summary: When Remus and Severus take prisoners in a raid on the Phoenixes, they find themselves with a third mate in their small clan. This is a world in which Voldemort heard the entire prophecy and didn’t attack Godric Hollow. Dark

White Dresses, and Messes by Blood Phoenix -NC-17-
Summary: Severus finds out spies shouldn't daydream when out on missions. Harry gets a unexpected surprise. And they both find out that sometimes the things you want out of life change, and that's not a bad thing.

The Lacy Things Series by dkwilliams -NC-17-
It starts as SS/RL but in later parts of the series, Severus and Remus invite Harry to join them. Cross-dressing, various other kinks

Sorry by daralis -NC-17-
Summary: none given BDSM, spanking, first-time. Sequels: Why, Again, Ribbons, all rated -NC-17-

Something So Good by eponis -NC-17-
Summary: Remus has choices. Some of them have been made for him.

Freytag's Pyramid by marksykins -NC-17-
Summary: When everyone's convinced you're innocent, it's so much easier to manipulate them. DarkLord!Harry, also contains HP/LV and HP/LM

Heart of Darkness by hilarita -NC-17-
Summary: none given Double penetration

Darken Into Nightmares by littlearsonist -NC-17-
Summary: none given Non-con, chan, torture, horror

*Bed of Bones by ladyflowdi -NC-17-
Summary: none given Bondage, spanking, sex toys, non-con, voyeurism, wanking

The Right Divine by gmth,maeglinyedi and nimori -NC-17-
Summary: A game is only a game as long as the players follow the rules BDSM

A Study on the Flaws of the Social Perspective of Gryffindors by nimori -NC-17 -
Summary: Snape conducts an experiment in revenge. SS, HP/RL

Epiphany by ptyx -R-
Summary: Snape finds out something about himself.

Unexpected - Part 6 by Seeker -NC-17-
The Unexpected Series features Sadist!Harry and Masochist!Snape, in part 6 Lupin is allowed to join the fun.

The Three's Company Series by scribbulus_ink -PG to NC-17-

A Goodbye Visit by SerpentSlaveChik -NC-17-
Summary: Harry's decided to leave. But before he goes, he wants to say goodbye to his secret love. He gets more than he expected, and now he might not leave after all. Sequels: An Interesting Visit and A Surprise Visit (Mpreg)

Without Measure by Skye -NC-17-
Summary: When Harry and Remus need help of an extremly personal nature, Severus proves that he is capable of love. . . Without Measure.

How Remus Lupin Nearly Suffocated by soawen -NC-17-
Summary: Remus is lonely, and even worse, forced to co-exist with Snape at Grimmauld Place 12. As if that isn't hard enough, he must also witness Harry and Snape get together while he himself is as lonely as ever. Luckily, both Harry and Severus are generous people.

Prey by srichard -NC-17-
Summary: As the moon waxes, Remus develops certain needs. Brutal sex, double penetration

No More Interruptions by srichard and tcregan -NC-17-
Summary: Harry has been bothering Remus all summer about his nightmares, and Snape isn't happy.

Burying Ground by srichard -NC-17-
Summary: When Harry is broken, Remus goes to the one person who might know what to do.

The Broken Hearts Series by Starkindler -NC-17-
Summary: On his anniversary, Harry finds out that his marriage is a lie.

Defining Moments -NC-17-; and its Sequel: The Caregivers -PG-13- by Starkindler
Summary: Harry earns himself a detention with everyone's favorite Potions master.

A Fanciful Anniversary by theladyfeylene -R-
Summary: Severus gives Remus what he’s always wanted. Double penetration

Two by wikdsushi -R-
Summary: Written in a fit of depression, the consequences of assuming that, sometimes, three can work just as well.


Getting Even by Achilles -NC-17-
Summary: Harry puts Draco in an embarrassing situation. Draco plots revenge.

Getting Off by Achilles -NC-17-
Summary: Sequel to Getting Even. Harry and Draco serve their detention with Snape. It doesn't quite turn out as they expected.

That Potions Desk Part: 1, 2, 3 by Aether -NC-17 -
Summary:Draco and Harry are caught by Snape in a compromising position - leaving him wondering just why Harry has a thing for his potions desk.

The Scars We Bear by angeline_dark -NC-17 -
Summary: Nearly pure porn, with only a tiny bit of redeeming plot. Sorry for the self pimping.

Forbidden Fruit by anise_anise -NC-17-
Summary: none given

The Green Lion by cluegirl -NC-17-
Summary: none given

Heavenly Bodies by chrysos -R/NC-17 -
Summary: Draco Malfoy needs comforting after the deaths of Severus and Harry. ghost!sex

Devotion by Drakon Sword -NC-17-
Summary: Severus waits for his two lovers in his private rooms in the dungeons at Hogwarts.

Dark Beginnings by Dzien -NC-17-
Summary: This story follows on from OoTP. After leaving King's Cross station with the Dursley's, Harry was abducted by Death Eaters. Such an experience is bound to leave scars... Password protected There are two sequels: Centre of Twilight and The Iridescent Conclusion

Bruised Knees by florahart -NC-17-
Summary: During school, H. and S. are caught by D. in a compromising position. D. will not reveal the relationship only if he gets to 'play' with them.

Black Heat by irana -NC-17 -
Summary: Draco Malfoy doesn't share...unless he feels like it. When he does, detention takes an interesting turn.Bondage, rimming

Wizard Fire by irana -NC-17-
Summary: Gryffindor and Slytherin. What could they possible have in common?

*Sileni by irana -NC-17-
Summary: Draco has a fantasy. Can he convince Harry to help him fulfill it?

Quid Pro Quo, T.O.O by josanpq -NC-17? -
Summary: Snape forms a bond between Harry, Draco and himself that will ensure fidelity and trust, it also influences their magic. BDSM

What You Can't Have by Karyna -NC-17-
Summary: Harry gets sentenced along with Malfoy to a seemingly unjust punishment from Snape. He is thoroughly frustrated and angry, but Draco helps him get over this, though he wants to fight his want for the Boy Who Lived with all his being... Password protected

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Kat Reitz and tzigane -R-
Summary: What would happen if Harry finally lost absolutely everything? Character death

The Erotic Adventures of Potter and Malfoy by Keshu -NC-17-
Summary: When Harry finds a strange book he becomes entangled in a dark story of lust, mystery, and hardcore sex with his sworn enemy, Draco Malfoy. Password protected

The Bond by leianora -NC-17 -
Summary: When Harry Potter is captured by Voldemort and placed under a spell binding him to two of his worst enemies, he must learn to cope, but will this be the straw to break the cammel's back, or will it lead to his salvation? WIP

*An evening at home by lysambre -NC-17-
Summary: It's a PWP, meaning there is no plot, so no summary. Just smut. Rimming, double penetration

*In the... Series by nenyaentwhistle -NC-17-
Summary: PWP friendslocked (comment to be added)

*Guilty as Sin by Riffraff -NC-17-
Summary: What happens when Harry turns out to be a darker creature than the dark lord he's supposed to be fighting? Bloodplay, graphic violence, Mpreg, SM

Brace Yourself Series by wishwords -NC-17-
Summary: When Snape catches Harry and Draco out after curfew, of course he takes advantage of the situation.

Through a Shattered Mirror by rushlight75 -NC-17-
Summary: When Harry falls into the hands of the Death Eaters, he learns that life isn't as black-and-white as he'd once thought it to be. Slavefic, non-con, BDSM

Walking the Mirror's Edge by rushlight75 -NC-17-
Summary: Companion piece to Through a Shattered Mirror Noncon, slavery, BDSM

Coercion is Underrated by sassyinkpen -NC-17 -
Summary:Harry goes looking for his homework and finds something much more interesting. Password protected

Two’s Company, Three’s A Crowd by Seana Solitaire -NC-17-
Summary: What could make Harry stray from someone as fantastic as Severus? BDSM, Password protected

Disciplinary Authority by Seeker -very NC-17-
Summary: Snape finds a secret room behind the Prefects' Bathroom with a one-way mirror in wall. BDSM

Party's Just Begun by Seeker -NC-17-
Summary: Marty Sue is thwarted. Also contains: SS/RL/SB and SS/AD

Detention a Trois by SilentAuror -NC-17-
Summary: One-shot wonder of fluff & smut! Typical Harry & Draco, accident with Forget-Yourself Potion & one Severus Snape... three-way ensues = good times!

Dungeons Can Be Such Torture by SnapeyBears -NC-17-
Summary: Filch gets his detentions in the dungeon back and Snape makes full use of it with Harry.

*Novocain for the Soul by spark_of_chaos -NC-17-
Summary: Dominance is such a perfectly subjective notion, just like jealousy, fidelity or love. The one in control has the power, they say. Then again, isn't balance, in fact, what makes you strong?

No Name Given by suyari -NC-17-
Summary: You know what would be hot? Snape fucking Draco in a chair... while Draco morphs into Harry.

No Rest for the Wicked by Tzigane -NC-17-
Summary: A game of sex and power with Potter.

Dragon Tear Resurrection by Vera -PG-13 -
Summary: Ten years after Draco's death, Harry and Severus venture to his side for his possible resurrection. Sequel to Draconic Recall -NC-17-, which you should read first in order to understand this.

It Started With a Potions Master by Werewindle -PG-13-
Summary: Harry and Draco are furious that Snape had put an end to their game.

New additions to the list are marked with *
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