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Masterlist of Threesomes Part 4 SS/DM/LM and SS/SB/RL

This is part four of my Masterlist of Threesomes.

Part one was HP/SB/RL, part two was HP/SS/RL and HP/SS/DM and part three was HP/SS/LM and HP/Twins

This list contains every link I managed to find for fics with the pairings:
Severus/Draco/Lucius, or Severus/Sirius/Remus

The fics listed here are not my personal recs, but an attempt to provide links to all the fiction written for this pairings.

If you know of any stories I have missed, please comment and provide me with links to them.

The lists will be updated regularely, meaning whenever I find a new fic for any of the pairings I have made lists for.

New additions to the list are marked with *


Community/s: blackandsilver

The Nature of a Malfoy by AnathdeMalfoy -NC-17-
Summary: Severus Snape wonders if "innocence" is a concept that could ever apply to a Malfoy - even a very young one Chan, incest (implied)

Ouroboros by isiscolo -NC-17 -
Summary: A Charms class accident sends Draco back in time to his father's schooldays. Incest

Tangled Weave by Kat & Tzigane -NC-17 -
Summary: A moment among the deatheaters, and their pleasures. Darkfic, incest

Thursday by miss_serpentine -NC-17 -
Summary:An evening at Malfoy Manor gets a little shook up. Chan, incest

Crème by miss_serpentine -NC-17 -
Summary: Snape has another dinner date with the Malfoy Boys. Kinky foodsex, bondage, and spankings ensue. Sequel to Thursday. Chan, incest

Punishment by misted_oracle -NC-17 -
Summary: Always the lock the classroom door, professor... Incest, double penetration

Merry Christmas Harry Potter by OrpheliaMalfoy -R-
Summary: none given Incest, Harry/Draco implied

Father Figure by shocolate -R-
Summary: none given Hurt/Comfort

In His Nature (The Virtuoso) by themostepotente -NC-17 -
Summary: A Malfoy should never be trusted. Non-Con?

Family by underlucius -NC-17 -
Summary: Not much to say here. PWP. Incest


Community/s: wolf_dog_snake

Untitled Smut by acciojosh -NC-17-
Summary: none given MWPP, RL/SS established

Different Sides of the Same Coin by cinnait_jamaeri -NC-17-
Summary: "It was as if his two lovers were different sides of the same coin, and he was tangled within them, not knowing exactly which way to turn." BDSM

Spellbound by creedcascade -NC-17-
Summary: Severus is bound to Sirius and Remus, not by his own choosing.

Loyalty and Betrayal by noticeably -PG-13-
Summary: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape learn the real meaning of betrayal when they learn the man they’ve hated for twelve years was the only person who was truly loyal in the end...

Breaking Away by Eggbert -NC-17-
Summary: The war with the Dark is finally over, Sirius has been pardoned and has returned to Hogwarts to claim his beloved Remus. Will Severus give him up without a fight?

Under the Influence by fabularasa -NC-17 -
Summary: Sirius, Severus, and Remus light one up. Well, several.

A Spirit of Brotherhood by flambeau -NC-17? -
Summary: Tea, nightshirts, and blood. Cooperation isn't all it's cracked up to be for Sirius, Severus, and Remus.

Lending...ears. by hoegh -NC-17-
Summary: Response to the Inappropriate Erection challenge.

The twelve days of Halloween by hpsauce -PG-13-
Summary: Remus hates Halloween. Sirius and Severus have twelve days to convince him it’s the best festival ever. Will it happen?

Three's a crowd by hpsauce -PG-13-
Summary: Sirius comes back to life, Remus and Severus are now in a relationship, Remus is confused as to what to do.

*Night Emperors by imochan -NC-17-
Summary: none given

Wolves and Lust by lupusdragon -NC-17-
Summary: none given

The Challenge by Madilayn -NC-17-
Summary: When Severus Snape manages inadvertently to find his way behind the veil, he discovers that Sirius Black can be more useful to the order than he would have imagined. And Sirius Black decides to take up a challenge that Remus sets (via Snape). Password protected

Side Effects Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 by Mimine -NC-17 -
Summary: Severus Snape and Sirius Black are brought together by love and sorrow. Also contains SS/SB

Deny Thy Father And Refuse Thy Name by Piri Lupin-Snape -PG-13-
Summary: Harry's in his 7th year and secrets, lies and betrayals only add to the burdens of who he is. Can love and friendship help him overcome his trials or will he lose himself forever? (Severitus's challenge fic) Also contains HP/DM

You Are Always On My Mind by Piri Lupin-Snape -PG-13 -
Summary: A Yule gift to Harry from Bill Weasley redefines what 'strange' means. Can Harry and Hogwarts deal with what comes next? Pranks, mayhem, and love triangles abound, but will those involved learn to accept the chances Fate is giving them? Also contains HP/DM

Facing the Worst by snapetoy -NC-17-
Summary: Severus receives an unexpected gift from the Dark Lord, and must live with the consequences. Bloodplay, non-con, bestiality

A Helping Hand by theladyfeylene -NC-17 -
Summary: Sirius is lonely. Severus and Remus help him out. Double Penetration

Amor Vitam Est by Titti -NC-17 -
Summary: Harry learns of Sirius's past and his relationship with Severus.

Intoxication by violet_quill -NC-17-
Summary: 7th year leaving ball, Alcohol induced loosening of tongue n thoughts n bodies.

The Whole Shack Shimmied by xylodemon -NC-17-
Summary: A brief interlude in the Shrieking Shack.

Mine and Yours by xylodemon -NC-17-
Summary: After a little too much firewhisky, Remus finds himself in the middle.

A Drink Of Water by Zeal-chan -NC-17-
Summary: none given
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